The 4 (S) Of Why You Should Visit A Trade Show

Trade shows and fairs may have been around for centuries, but it remains relevant even in this age of virtual reality and E-commerce. Here at LabAsia, we have spoken to our visitors to find out their main reasons they will visit a trade show:

1)      Seeing is Believing – Your favourite supplier may have told you about that amazing new spectrophotometer that came out yesterday, but have you had a chance to see it for yourself how amazing it is?

Visiting a trade show does not only allow you to see the latest products on the market, but to actually FEEL the actual product. Will it make the lab noisy? Will that new equipment complement your existing setup? No other ways can answer all these other than to try out the products itself.

2)      Seek for the best deals – Shop smart for your laboratory too!

With many potential suppliers lined up for you at one place, trade shows make comparing prices and products much easier and effortless, even faster than researching through the Internet.

Plan ahead and be prepared to stay the entire day to make notes and compare each supplier thoroughly. Take the opportunity to speak to as many exhibitors as possible to maximize your results.

3)      Self-Improvement – Since you’re taking the day off to visit, why not make the full use of the day and attend some seminars?

Trade shows are more than just a display of products. Often there will be secondary activities that are enriching, such as technical seminars that can feature a wide range of topics for a brief learning session, or a full-course conference featuring industry leaders and academicians in their respective fields giving presentations.

4)      Socialize and Network Your Way to Success – Meeting potential contacts isn’t just limited to updating your professional social media page!

Trade shows bring together industry professionals of all levels; from the entry-level lab technician, right up all the way to industry leaders, each with a common objective of meeting similar people of their trade, or to meet prospective business partners/employees/employers.

Now that you have good reasons to visit a trade show, let us recommend you to visit this nice trade show, from 10 – 12 October, at Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur:

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