Expert in Air Filtration for the Protection of Laboratory Personnel

Erlab, the expert in air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel since 1968 and pioneer of the first ductless filtering fume enclosure Captair, will participate to Lab Asia 2015.

Remaining as the leader for over 40 years, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability through the development of world's most advanced filtered fume hood and storage cabinets for the laboratories of today and tomorrow.

Erlab’s products: Greenfumehood (left) and captairstore (right)
Established in Malaysia since 1993, Erlab SEA wish to continue the development of Southeast Asian market by promoting safety solutions and offering the best sales and after-sales services to meet its customer’s needs and expectations.

Erlab’s products: Captairbio (left) & captairflow (right)
Next October, Erlab SEA will exhibit their latest products and innovations at Lab Asia 2015 and will welcome the key scientific community actors of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.


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