Agilent Technologies features Agilent 6545, the system for fast, easy and high quality answers

The new Agilent 6545 Q-TOF LC/MS System generates great results for molecule analysis in food safety, forensics/toxicology, environmental screening, pharmaceutical metabolite ID and metabolomics. This new technology benefits users by providing faster answers, better measurements and easier high-quality results.

Agilent uses the advanced LC-MS system to enhance the performance of its new Agilent 6545. It has low femtogram-level sensitivity, 800ppb MS mass accuracy, 5 orders-of-magnitude in-spectrum dynamic range and mass resolution up to 45,000, independent of acquisition rate.

Besides, it translates analysed data into answers rapidly due to its optimized software, the MassHunter Data Personal Compound Database & Libraries (PCDLs). This new MassHunter software incorporates advanced data mining and processing tools that allows users to rapidly and accurately extract all available information from the samples.

Meanwhile, the new Swarm Autotune uses Particle Swarm Optimization technology (PSO) to optimize 21 parameters simultaneously. The new Swarm autotune has improved optimization capabilities and sensitivity for small molecule compounds. It lowers ion optics voltages so as to preserve fragile compound data. Therefore, with the press on a button will takes users to obtain the best possible small-molecule analysis performance.

Agilent 6545 features new optics, enhanced reliability, updated slicer, new detector for ionization. It is designed to make the MS analyses faster, easier and more productive.


About Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. It is being defined as the premier laboratory partner for a better world. Agilent works with customers from more than 100 countries to help address global trends that impact human health and the environment, and to anticipate future scientific needs. Their instrument, software, services and products address the full range of scientific and laboratory needs, from sample prep to data interpretation and management. In year 2014, Agilent generated revenues of $4.0 billion.

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