Science Valley – A company that SATISFIED scientific needs…

Incorporated in 2004, Science Valley Sdn Bhd is now the main supplier of research and scientific instruments in three main segments: clinical diagnostic, life science and molecular pathology. To provide the best of technology to the customers in these segments, Science Valley has brought many scientific products of big international brands to Malaysia, providing the industry in Malaysia an easy access to the advanced technologies from foreign countries.


With our tagline-Reliable Always; it clearly defines us above the rest with our reliability in terms of technical support. We have a group of engineers and application scientists trained and certified by our principals throughout the world.

Besides that, Science Valley has also ventured into lab services to provide a range of comprehensive gene expression studies catered for researchers needs. Types of services offered ranges from:

1)      DNA/RNA/Protein  sample QC

2)      Microarray Services

3)      Data Analysis

Currently, Science Valley represents various premium brands for research and clinical settings. Our products includes high quality lab consumables to general laboratory equipment’s and tissue culture plastic ware.  Life Sciences and Clinical Departments are able to assist in your lab and research needs with the help of leading brands like Axygen, TPP, Biologix, Hettich and Desmon. In addition, Molecular and Diagnostic Department represents brands like Agilent and Seegene to supply top quality PCR and diagnostic kits, Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing solutions as well as equipment for gel-documentation.


Today, we have grown into a medium size company which fulfilled the ever expanding scientific world!

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