Beijing Titan Instrument features FIA – 6000+, the Automatic Flow Injection Analyser

Beijing Titan Instrument Co., Ltd was established in year 2000 and has been positioned as a leading company in the development and manufacturing of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers and Flow Injection analyser in China.  We take pride in the designing, manufacturing and delivering the innovative technologies to the marketing . The product have been used for metal, food, clinical, water and environmental analysis. Titan Instrument strives to provide the accurate, reliable and professional laboratory equipment in the worldwide. We holds the ISO9001, UKAS, FCC certificates. The instruments have been exported to USA Japan, Italy, Korea, Malaysia and some other foreign countries.

FIA – 6000+, the Automatic Flow Injection Analyser is one of the featured product of Beijing Titan Instrument. FIA – 6000+ adpots continuous flow injection analysis technology for fast and efficient detection process on samples . FIA – 6000+ is a multi-channel analyser that supports up to 8 channels simultaneous detection. Each channel is equipped with separate detector, and can be used as independent analytical instrument. The system uses high sensitivity dual-beam designed detector with high degree of reproducibility and ppb level detection limit.

Besides, FIA-6000+ has advanced online degasser to remove air bubbles which may cause interference during analysis. It uses high-precision peristaltic pump injection. There is 160 units polar auto sampler to support double needle injection. The ratio diluter can automatically configure the calibration curve and super scalar online sample dilution. Its double-needle design is better for increasing the dilution factor.

FIA series flow injection analyser workflow

FIA – 6000+ can be used to test water and sewage, soil and plants, fertilizer, food grains, drinks and beer, milk and products as well as meat products.

Beside FIA – 6000+, Beijing Titan Instrument also produces Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer and Atomic Fluorescence Speciation Analyzer for toxic element analysis, such as As、Se、Hg、Sb、Pb、Cd、Te、Sn、Bi、Ge、Zn at trace level.


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