Complete Microbiology Solution from Medigene

Medigene offers complete microbiology solutions to support each stage in microbiology testing and research. These products are:

Sample collection
-          Transport Swabs
-          Specimen Containers
-          Air Ideal (Air Monitoring)
-          Sampl’ Air (Air Monitoring)
-          Quantiswab
-          Blood Collection Tube
Sample preparation
-       Dilumat Automated Sample Diluter
-       Smasher
-       Easy Mix
Culture media preparation
-          Masterclave Media Preparator
-          APS One Automated Culture Filling System
-          XY500 Automated Culture Filling System
-          PMi High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser
Culture media
-          Prepared Culture Media
-          Dehydrated Culture Media
-          Chromogenic Culture Media
-          Bioball QC Reference
Microscopic Screening & Inoculation
-          Color Gram 2 (Gram Stain)
-          Oxidase – Catalase
-          Previ Color Gram Automated Gram Staining System
-          WASP Walk Away Specimen Processor
Enumeration, Incubation & Temperature Monitoring
-          ChemScan RDI Solid-Phase Cytometer
-          D-count Flow Cytometry Analyzers
-          Bactiflow Rapid Microbiology Analyzers
-          BacT/Alert 3D Blood Culture System
-          BacT/Alert Virtuo Blood Culture System
-          Labguard 3D Environment Monitoring System
Identification & Antibiotics susceptibility testing
-          BioFire (Multiplex PCR Detection System)
-          Slidex (Rapid Bacterial Identification Reagent)
-          VIDAS immunoassay system
-          GENE-UP real-time PCR pathogen detection
-          RAL Stainer (Tuberculosis Staining)
-          Nuclisens (Nucleic Acid Extraction System)
-          VIKIA (Rapid Testing Kit)
-          EC2 colony counter
-          Etest (Antibiotics Strip)
-          VITEK 2 system (Microbial Identification)
-          VITEK MS system (Microbial Identification)
-          API strips (Microbial Identification)
-          Diversilab (DNA Fingerprinting)
-          Argene (Real-time PCR and Immunology)


Medigene is a biotech company specializes in distributing and marketing Lab Chemical, Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment and services to support basic research as well as application for laboratories in Malaysia. Since establishment, we have been supplying Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment and Lab Chemical to various industries which include universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, diagnostics laboratories, biotech companies and private sectors. With years of experience in laboratory instrumentation, we are now one of the leading Lab Instrument and Lab Chemical Suppliers in Malaysia.


Isolera Spektra is a world leading Automated Flash System designed to purify synthesis reaction mixtures, natural product extracts, and other organic compound mixtures from milligram to multi-gram quantities. It features an additional host of both labour and cost saving features such as TLC-to-step gradient, full spectral analysis, lambda all collection, 3D view and improved baseline correction algorithms, allowing the same chemistries and purifications to be run but significantly reducing the amount of solvent required and time to do so.

Research Instruments is now an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for Biotage. Biotage offers solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of analytical and medicinal chemistry.

As a leader in the distribution and support of scientific research products in South East Asia,
Research Instruments represent renowned manufacturers from around the world in providing current and next-generation tools and technologies focusing on integrated solutions and applications, including comprehensive service support to meet your needs from consultation, development and implementation of customized solutions to integrating, installation, commissioning and after- sales support through effective ISO-9000 certified, GMP-compliant logistics.

Research Instruments has organized and hosted some of the first commercial seminars and workshops in advanced technologies. Some of these technologies included FT-Raman spectroscopy (Thermo Scientific), Particle characterization (Horiba, XoptiX, Fluid-Imaging & Freeman Tech), Thermal analysis, DSC, TGA, Mercury , Arsernic & Selenium Analysis (PS Analytical).

Whether you need equipment for sample preparation & purification , material characterization, analytical chemistry or even custom projects, Research Instruments can meet your expectations and provide a solution.

For more information, please visit our website:

Beijing Titan Instrument features FIA – 6000+, the Automatic Flow Injection Analyser

Beijing Titan Instrument Co., Ltd was established in year 2000 and has been positioned as a leading company in the development and manufacturing of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers and Flow Injection analyser in China.  We take pride in the designing, manufacturing and delivering the innovative technologies to the marketing . The product have been used for metal, food, clinical, water and environmental analysis. Titan Instrument strives to provide the accurate, reliable and professional laboratory equipment in the worldwide. We holds the ISO9001, UKAS, FCC certificates. The instruments have been exported to USA Japan, Italy, Korea, Malaysia and some other foreign countries.

FIA – 6000+, the Automatic Flow Injection Analyser is one of the featured product of Beijing Titan Instrument. FIA – 6000+ adpots continuous flow injection analysis technology for fast and efficient detection process on samples . FIA – 6000+ is a multi-channel analyser that supports up to 8 channels simultaneous detection. Each channel is equipped with separate detector, and can be used as independent analytical instrument. The system uses high sensitivity dual-beam designed detector with high degree of reproducibility and ppb level detection limit.

Besides, FIA-6000+ has advanced online degasser to remove air bubbles which may cause interference during analysis. It uses high-precision peristaltic pump injection. There is 160 units polar auto sampler to support double needle injection. The ratio diluter can automatically configure the calibration curve and super scalar online sample dilution. Its double-needle design is better for increasing the dilution factor.

FIA series flow injection analyser workflow

FIA – 6000+ can be used to test water and sewage, soil and plants, fertilizer, food grains, drinks and beer, milk and products as well as meat products.

Beside FIA – 6000+, Beijing Titan Instrument also produces Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer and Atomic Fluorescence Speciation Analyzer for toxic element analysis, such as As、Se、Hg、Sb、Pb、Cd、Te、Sn、Bi、Ge、Zn at trace level.


Science Valley – A company that SATISFIED scientific needs…

Incorporated in 2004, Science Valley Sdn Bhd is now the main supplier of research and scientific instruments in three main segments: clinical diagnostic, life science and molecular pathology. To provide the best of technology to the customers in these segments, Science Valley has brought many scientific products of big international brands to Malaysia, providing the industry in Malaysia an easy access to the advanced technologies from foreign countries.


With our tagline-Reliable Always; it clearly defines us above the rest with our reliability in terms of technical support. We have a group of engineers and application scientists trained and certified by our principals throughout the world.

Besides that, Science Valley has also ventured into lab services to provide a range of comprehensive gene expression studies catered for researchers needs. Types of services offered ranges from:

1)      DNA/RNA/Protein  sample QC

2)      Microarray Services

3)      Data Analysis

Currently, Science Valley represents various premium brands for research and clinical settings. Our products includes high quality lab consumables to general laboratory equipment’s and tissue culture plastic ware.  Life Sciences and Clinical Departments are able to assist in your lab and research needs with the help of leading brands like Axygen, TPP, Biologix, Hettich and Desmon. In addition, Molecular and Diagnostic Department represents brands like Agilent and Seegene to supply top quality PCR and diagnostic kits, Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing solutions as well as equipment for gel-documentation.


Today, we have grown into a medium size company which fulfilled the ever expanding scientific world!

SubliMate® Benchtop Laboratory Freeze Dryer – preservation made to perfection!

Esco SubliMate®, a world-class laboratory freeze dryer, is engineered for optimum performance. Models are designed to reach low condensation temperatures of -55°C for removing aqueous solutions, and up to -90°C for eliminating organic solvents from samples. Different freeze drying applications such as preservation of biological samples, purification of proteins, and concentration of chemical products, are now done perfectly with SubliMate®.

Equipped with LusterClear™, a fully flushed and clean ice condenser surface design, the cooling coils are protected from damage during ice core removal. It rapidly traps vapour for better mass transport and vapour flow within the system. LusterClear™ improves freeze drying process time and delivers fast, efficient and reproducible performance.

IceOut™ Active Defrost System, a simple active-heat system, ensures a quick and simple ice core removal at the end of every cycle. This allows back-to-back drying cycles. Moreover, the built-in drain allows simple and fast draining of water during defrost.

Esco Freezer Dryers utilizes Large Cooling Compressor, ½ HP, with a conventional refrigeration system for optimum cooling. This guarantees sufficient cooling capacity to maintan low temperatures needed for large volume of samples. The compressor is CFC- and HCFC-free and has a low power consumption to comply with global market and environmental requirements.

SubliMate™ also comes with SmarTouch™ Large Touchscreen Control Technology which delivers an ergonomic, intuitive interface and easy-to-use programming; and ISOCIDE™ Powder Coating, which eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure to prevent contamination.

About Esco
Established since 1978, Esco has been the leader in the development of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical equipment solutions. Esco owns the most extensive product line in the industry. It is committed to deliver innovative solutions for clinical, life science, research and industrial laboratory community. Esco’s products are available in more than 100 countries. Due to its worldwide presence, Esco has been recognized being the best thinking in the world.

Arachem Launched Lab M Dehydrated Culturing Media in Malaysia

Lab M Dehydrated culture media was launched in January 2015, presented by Arachem (M) Sdn Bhd, the scientific and engineering company in Malaysia. 

After years of extensive research and continuous improvement, Lab M has introduced a series of microbiological culture media that was well-developed into tools that benefit microbiology labs in many ways. Lab M launched an extensive range of microbiological culture media, supplements, immunomagnetic separation techniques and proficiency testing systems that are used and compatible with laboratories around the world.

Lab M products cover all areas of microbiology, the brands are µPREP™, Pinnacle™ pre-poured plates, CaptivateTM immunomagnetic separation and HarlequinTM  chromogenic media. These newly launched products bring convenience to microbiology labs because they can be used straight from shelf with only little need for refrigeration or special storage. These products are waste-free and they have longer shelf-life as compared to other media. With these products, specialists or scientists are allowed to control sensitive and non-autoclavable components easily.


µPREP™ is the ready-to-reconstitute media for salmonellae and primary enrichment media. The 2 main products are the µPREP™ BPW (ISO) and µPREP™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC). Pinnacle™ carries various types of pre-poured plates for the isolation of different kinds or microorganism. CaptivateTMis a range of antibody coated paramagnetic particles for the specific immunomagnetic separation (IMS) of microorganisms. Lab M realized the importance of antibody in the microbiological immunomagnetic separation process to separate target bacteria from enrichment culture. Therefore, IMS was invented to increase the sensitivity of the system and to produce faster result as compared to standard protocols. As for HarlequinTMchromogenic media, it detects specific enzyme activities to isolate and enumerate target micro-organisms rapidly and accurately.

Lab M products comply with ISO requirements in the food industry. This proves Arachem’s professionalism in the scientific sectors and its commitment to serve the industry with the best quality.

Fisher Scientific provides Infinite Laboratory Solutions

With extensive product categories, worldwide network and comprehensive services, Fisher Scientific is able to provide complete range of solutions for new laboratory from consultation, planning, construction, installation to commissioning a fully optimized new laboratory. Started since year 2009, the Fisher Scientific New Lab Start-up Program has been continuously providing total solutions for customers who wish to start up their own laboratory.

Today, Fisher Scientific positions itself as a complete source for new lab solution. Fisher Scientific has a wide range of portfolio including lab furniture, equipment, chemicals, supplies and services for industries ranging from education and scientific research to pharmaceutical, semiconductors and oil & gas. Fisher Scientific provides special offers on extensive range of products to accommodate laboratory needs in various industries.

Beside home brand products, Fisher Scientific also represents various renowned brands such as Acros Organics, SGE Analytical Science, Brady, OHAUS, Biosan, Fungilab, Labconco, Tuttnauer, EYELA, Nalgene, NUNC, Control Company, MBP (Molecule Biro Products), Binder, Koehler, Siverson and Erweka and more.

Fisher Scientific launched an online platform MyFisherStore, which provides customers fast product viewing experience. It offers a convenient purchasing options and experience to customers and continuously advance their technologies to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, enhance value for customers.

Agilent Technologies features Agilent 6545, the system for fast, easy and high quality answers

The new Agilent 6545 Q-TOF LC/MS System generates great results for molecule analysis in food safety, forensics/toxicology, environmental screening, pharmaceutical metabolite ID and metabolomics. This new technology benefits users by providing faster answers, better measurements and easier high-quality results.

Agilent uses the advanced LC-MS system to enhance the performance of its new Agilent 6545. It has low femtogram-level sensitivity, 800ppb MS mass accuracy, 5 orders-of-magnitude in-spectrum dynamic range and mass resolution up to 45,000, independent of acquisition rate.

Besides, it translates analysed data into answers rapidly due to its optimized software, the MassHunter Data Personal Compound Database & Libraries (PCDLs). This new MassHunter software incorporates advanced data mining and processing tools that allows users to rapidly and accurately extract all available information from the samples.

Meanwhile, the new Swarm Autotune uses Particle Swarm Optimization technology (PSO) to optimize 21 parameters simultaneously. The new Swarm autotune has improved optimization capabilities and sensitivity for small molecule compounds. It lowers ion optics voltages so as to preserve fragile compound data. Therefore, with the press on a button will takes users to obtain the best possible small-molecule analysis performance.

Agilent 6545 features new optics, enhanced reliability, updated slicer, new detector for ionization. It is designed to make the MS analyses faster, easier and more productive.


About Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. It is being defined as the premier laboratory partner for a better world. Agilent works with customers from more than 100 countries to help address global trends that impact human health and the environment, and to anticipate future scientific needs. Their instrument, software, services and products address the full range of scientific and laboratory needs, from sample prep to data interpretation and management. In year 2014, Agilent generated revenues of $4.0 billion.

RapidChek® Listeria Next Day™ produces next day food testing result

“Test and hold” practice has been implemented since year 2012 to prevent the food product recalls and to reduce the exposure of unsafe foods. Meat producers are required to hold products until microbiological testing determines it is safe to release meat, poultry and egg products to sale. However, challenges arose, especially for producers who struggle with the long testing and holding process as they produce short shelf-life products. Small producers have problems with storage limitation while waiting for testing result.

RapidChek® Listeria Next Day TM was launched in November 2014 to address the challenges by reducing time to result from 48 hours to 24-27 hours. On the day of launching, the manufacturer, Romer Labs announced that the product gained the Performance-Tested MethodsSM (PTM) certification from AOAC Research Institute.  This certification proved that the testing result generated by RapidChek® Listeria Next Day TM was equivalent to the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service’s (FSIS) 48-hour methodology for detecting all 6 Listeria species on food samples and equivalent to the FDA BAM 48-hour methodology for various dairy products.

Many processors are seeking to move from traditional 40 – 48 hour Listeria methods to faster methods due to the storage and spoilage costs. The RapidChek® Listeria Next Day TM system is designed to produce result in the next day, in order to help reduce the material and processing costs as well as enhanced workflow.

The manufacturer of RapidChek® Listeria Next Day TM is a leading provider in diagnostic solutions for food and feed, Romer Labs. It has facilities in many countries including Austria, Brazil, China, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and USA.

Arachem (M) Sdn Bhd, the scientific and engineering company has brought this advanced food testing system to Malaysia and further to Southeast Asia region, in order to meet high demand in food related industries and to support the rapid development of F&B industries in Southeast Asia region.

Expert in Air Filtration for the Protection of Laboratory Personnel

Erlab, the expert in air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel since 1968 and pioneer of the first ductless filtering fume enclosure Captair, will participate to Lab Asia 2015.

Remaining as the leader for over 40 years, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability through the development of world's most advanced filtered fume hood and storage cabinets for the laboratories of today and tomorrow.

Erlab’s products: Greenfumehood (left) and captairstore (right)
Established in Malaysia since 1993, Erlab SEA wish to continue the development of Southeast Asian market by promoting safety solutions and offering the best sales and after-sales services to meet its customer’s needs and expectations.

Erlab’s products: Captairbio (left) & captairflow (right)
Next October, Erlab SEA will exhibit their latest products and innovations at Lab Asia 2015 and will welcome the key scientific community actors of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.


The Leading Regional Scientific Equipment Distributor joined Lab Asia 2015

Established in 1975, Chemopharm Group of Companies has been the leading regional scientific equipment distributor specializing in the provision of laboratory supplies, reagents, furniture and systems as well as equipment, instrumentation and lab-informatics software.

To offer end-to-end solutions to the customers more effectively, Chemopharm extends its operation and partnership with leading companies, suppliers and manufacturers beyond the region. Today, Chemopharm represent various prominent brands in the laboratory industry such as:

  • Chemoresources, a comprehensive value-added supplier of furniture systems for the laboratory-from design, product development to installation and project management,
  • Cole-Parmer, a complete one stop solution provider that provides lab and industrial instruments, research equipment and supplies along with products for life science, food safety, biofuels and more,
  • Elga, an integral part of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, the world’s leading water in water purification technologies, to design CENTRA- a complete water purification, storage and distribution system packaged into a single unit and
  • LaboGene, a Danish manufacturer of high quality scientific product for the protection and preservation of the operator, product and laboratory environment.

In conclusion, Chemopharm Sdn Bhd owns the most comprehensive distribution list of general equipment ranging from preparation to analysis. The products include pipette (Gilson), balances (Mettler Toledo), oven / incubator (Binder), Chiller (Julabo) and sizable equipment for analysis – Rotary Evaporator (Heidolph), Protein Analyzer (Gerhardt), Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Aurora), Gas Chromatography / Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectro (Perkin Elmer) and oil & gas testing equipment (Stanhope Seta).

For year 2015, Chemopharm Sdn Bhd will be bringing to you the latest lab technologies and products in its distribution list to Lab Asia 2015. With COMMITMENT being one of the core values, Chemopharm is committed to deliver expectation and solution to all our stakeholders which is you!


Empire Bioscience Launches 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plates

Fast & Accurate Counts in just 24 hours

Empire Bioscience, one of the well-recognized food safety solution providers in Malaysia, is launching the 3MTM PetrifilmTM Rapid Aerobic Count Plates on 6th October 2015 at Lab Asia 2015.

Due to the increasing social concern on food safety and food quality, getting accurate aerobic bacteria counts in raw materials, finished products and production environment are critical in food production processes. Timely decisions can bring impact to process control, food hygiene and ultimately product quality and safety. 

3MTM PetrifilmTM Rapid Aerobic Count Plates is a sample-ready and culture medium system which contains nutrients, a coldwater-soluble gelling agent and a dual sensing indicator technology that allows user to obtain colony counts within 24 hours for most food matrices and therefore make necessary steps to ensure food quality.

This technology was introduced in the beginning of year 2015 and will be having an official launch to the industry at Lab Asia 2015.

About Empire Bioscience Sdn Bhd

A trusted partner in the food microbiology industry that offers complete line of innovative testing and monitoring products in F&B processes. Today, Empire Bioscience Sdn Bhd is the authorized distributor of 3MTM Food Safety Products.